Re-entry.  ….Supplies have all been returned to their proper places, new artwork propped in prominent studio locations, odd little sinus cold-wanna-be nearly forgotten.  But artwork and a bug aren’t all I brought home from Squam.  I brought home a certain peace that I’ve been clinging to lest it fly away before I’ve had a chance to completely examine it.  Maybe I don’t need to.  Maybe I just need to TRUST.  More on that later.

My perfectly marvelous cabin this year was Point of View.  Be still my heart, it felt like home.

This was my third September at Squam and the first that started out warm.  I slept with the windows open that first night…listening to the loons and whipporwhils…waking early with a big smile as I listened to what the Indians call “female rain”…feeling the deep calm of where I was, suddenly aware that I was there.

A little reminder I scribbled to myself and taped to my mirror….

Even getting poured on to and from breakfast didn’t dampen my spirits or dim my smile. God, I love moss, rocks and the woods…

Class on Thursday was “Layered Lines” with Diana Fayt.

While I enjoyed creating this little piece, I think my heart really wanted to be sitting on the lake with my journal that day….

…which is exactly what I did after class….

Friday dawned beautifully, if not a little chillier…

Setting up my little table for Friday’s class, Back to the Wild with Pixie Campbell. Today I am ready to get my hands dirty and reminded myself to not make it precious.

Pixie had us draw cards from a deck of Soul Oracle Cards to take with us into our work.  I found mine to be rather appropriate for me at that moment.

Let’s get this art party started!  I love to photograph work in progress sometimes ~ I find it fun to watch the work emerge.

Oh my ~ look who I ran into at the fireplace ~ the amazing fabulous Miz Elizabeth MacCrellish herself!  It was great to see her getting a chance to take a class herself this year!  XO

After a little encouragement to let our pieces “be born” in the afternoon, we headed off to lunch.  I somehow found myself traversing that lovely rocky path in the woods alone and was stopped in my tracks by this:

The universe was talking to me for sure.  Just that morning, tucked into my cozy nest with a cup of coffee, I had scribbled about needing to trust the universe more.  I won’t go into it all, but let’s just say this rock brought tears to my eyes and a peace to my heart. I picked it up, kissed and slipped it into my pocket.  Whoever left that there, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mmmmmmmm….roasted veggie soup ~ just what I needed to warm up!  Squam has the best food!!!

Managed to snap this tranquil moment at Longhouse before it was descended upon by Squammies gathering for the group photo.

This stunning shawl, made by Cal Patch and modeled by Linda Esterley, is just so gorgeous I am moved to pick up a crochet hook again.  In fact, on my flight home, a gal next to me was crocheting and I showed her this photo and we are going to have a crochet smack down via email/Skype to encourage each other.

Back in class after lunch, Pixie has a sage smudging ceremony…

….followed by a little drum meditation.  The calm we all took back into the workroom was palpable.  The room was rather quiet all afternoon, everyone intent on their art mission.

Gosh, have I ever made a mess this big in a class?  I am literally pushing myself off the table!!!  Oh, but what glorious fun this is.  YUM.

On my way back into class after the drum meditation, I scooped up this little flat rock, painted it gold and added my word of the year, Trust.  I just knew this had to be incorporated into my piece.

Thank you, Pixie, for such an inspiring day!  Do we both have crazy eyes on here or what??

I can’t believe I caught this moment….

While there is something offered each night ~ a talk, an open mic, etc., I prefer to return to my cabin after dinner, get a shower, light the fire and settle into my jammies with a book and an adult beverage.

OK ~ that’s a little cold IN MY ROOM Saturday morning.  Brrrrrr!

But I was prepared for the cold (this ain’t my first Squam rodeo) and, since this was a late breakfast day, I reveled in a couple relaxed cups of coffee, hiding as far under my down comforter as I could get while still being able to write in my journal.  For me, this year, the writing, writing, writing was blissful to me.  Waking up in the total quiet with my thoughts.  A rare treat indeed.  I held every bit of it close, breathed it in like the freshest air.

It might have been really cold, but it was just too beautiful for words ::sigh::

Saturday…last day of class….today I am taking “Unconventional Embroidery” which just sounded like fun and I felt it might spark some new creative mixed media ideas. And indeed it did!  And, I was just thrilled, for a change, to not be lugging two bags of supplies that I’d make a mess that would take 45 minutes to clean up!

The class was led by Cal Patch and she started us out with some basic stitches then set us loose to play with the unconventional materials.  What fun!

Saturday’s classes are half day and lunch is catered at Longhouse rather than in the dining hall.  Everybody finds a spot…on a dock, on a rock, where ever…

It was really nice lazing in the sun…

I guess it was just more damp this year than past years, as I have never seen so many mushrooms here…

On Saturday night, there is no dinner service, so it is up to you to grab a bite off property.  I had a car, so drove a few gals and was followed by a couple more.  We ended up at Walter’s Basin in Holderness for a great meal with equally great conversation.

(L-R) Me, Bonnie, my cabin-mate Heidi, Tonia, DeeDee and Wendy.

And now, back at camp after a couple wrong turns in the dark ~ shopping!  Socializing! Fun!  The Art Fair was great fun and I bought a few treasures.

Below is Carol ~ Elizabeth’s competent right hand ~thanks for everything! And  Sarah Ahern with her darling cherub. (I’m still trying to use red, Sarah :-)

The positively glowing Linda Esterley and Mary Beth Shaw‘s kick-ass kicks.  I positively covet these boots!

I got a fun henna tattoo that is sadly already gone….

Sunday morning.  Time to rouse slightly from this dreamy weekend in the woods.

The car is packed…

I’m in my fly-home duds…

One last look-around and a deep breath…  I am so very grateful for this time.


18 Responses to “SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS 2011”

  1. Steph Says:

    What a great recap! Thank you for bringing me back there.

    Warm wishes,

  2. kerry Says:

    what a wonderful post. i was unable to make it to squam this fall but i loved reading your
    post. Happy you had a wonderful time….

  3. scamp (aka Shirley) Says:

    Love the recap, and truly enjoyed visiting with you at the airport! Wasn’t it all just grand?!


  4. sue zipkin Says:

    Hello BJ! I was on the linkedin home page and I saw this stream in. It is rare I even notice the blog section. What a beautiful post filled with enchanting imagery. Thanks for sharing your special space.

    I love stumbling upon those universal messages.
    Trust is a big one!

    May that feeling of peace stay in your heart!

  5. Stacy Wall Says:

    BJ thanks for sharing! Felt like I was there. Love the artyou created and it was fascinating watching the steps.
    I would love to know what the words say, could not make it out, I love words in art.

  6. elizabeth Says:

    OH WOW– did you ever capture the full roll and yet– how much more is tucked into those journal pages and behind the trees on every path– right? So deep it all is.

    LOVE your painting from Pixie’s!!! and love your photos– and love your TRUST rock how utterly cool is that!!?

  7. Mary Beth Shaw Says:

    Oh my, what an incredible photo journal! You have absolutely captured Squam and transported me back there in an instant. Super photos! Plus it was great to see you, as usual :)

  8. Linda E Says:

    Trust – that was a very good find!

  9. KathyB Says:

    Beautiful recap. I enjoyed the uncoventional embroidery workshop as well. So many wonderful discoveries and re-discoveries that weekend.


  10. Kim Mailhot Says:

    BJ, BJ !!! I so love to know your Squam story this year. While it was not in the works for me this year, I makes me feel so glad to know that you got there and soaked in all in so wonderfully !!!
    I love love love your precious Trust piece. Precious in a whole other way, right ? ;-)
    Much Love!!!

    ps – this Rock Fairy happily shared her rock magic with a dear Friend to do some love spreading at Squam this year. Knowing that you received some of it makes her oh so very grateful !

  11. Judy Dziadosz Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey at Fall Squam. Every photo, every story, the found stone ‘trust’, the morning coffee, afternoon soup, long curving paths oh my how I am now waiting for Spring Session 2012!!

    thanks for sharing and reminding us Springers how much fun we had as well.


  12. brigid davies Says:

    thank you so much for the great post-such alot of wonderful pictures!! you brought me right back- i wish i was still there.thanks again, brigid

  13. Michelle Shopped Says:

    thank you for this post and all the pix…it’s a revisit i need today…wondering how to keep it in my life everyday but kindred community is definitely the key, and art’s a great “excuse” to get together…but wait a minute — did i just write that? banish my needing an excuse for art! <3

  14. Monica Lee Says:

    omigosh BJ This looks so fabulous! I am ready ready to go! Embroidery—incredible and I want to LEARN how to crochet…I knit but somehow crochet seems more appealing. You are so cute post the temp everyday!

  15. Deedee Says:

    You captured the experience! My first year and I’m drawing (haha) closer to next year. What to take? hmmm Hopefully Misty again, and jewlery and what will be? Thank you BJ for sharing your car and company and tags and a drink at the airport.

  16. Paris Karin (an alien parisienne) Says:

    Thank you so much for notifying me about this post, BJ. I’m finally here to have this good read and a good look at all you did! First off, the setting completely reminds me of my August spent in Ontario next to Cumming Lake, and I *loved* seeing just how beautiful it was for you here at Squam! I found my time in Canada to be very creatively renewing because of the similar type of beauty where you were, too. Second, this post makes me want to be an artist SO BAD! :) What you have depicted here is pretty much everything I have ever wanted out of life (creativity, being in a beautiful setting with other like-minded people), and it is so entirely cool to see people experiencing and living this creative way of life. I don’t know if I can have exactly *this* in my life, but I do know that I feel inspired with a kind of recognition of wanting something *like* it, with something that suits me and my talents. Anyway, I felt something go “ping” inside of me with a kind of recognition. Wonderful, wonderful stuff BJ! Thank you for sharing with us!

  17. kathy weller Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Squam experience! I remember reading your post from last year too. What great time to reconnect with yourself.. You are pushing me to the edge! I need a Squam-like experience, myself..

  18. Beth L Says:

    wow, what an amazing diary capturing a beautiful experience, all wrapped up in a neat and tidy blog post :o]
    Thank you so much for sharing, BJ! What an awesome way to feed your creative soul! Wow again (that’s about all I can muster up to say while still soaking it all in!)