Encaustic Workshop in Mt. Dora, FL

(all images in this post ©Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch)

Ever since I took a beeswax collage class two years ago, I have wanted (yearned, even) to take an encaustic workshop.  I love the wax so much, I can’t imagine I won’t like further exploring this medium.  But I have always felt I should take a class to get my feet wet, learn some tips, techniques, supplies and safety.  That sorta thing. It’s a little more complicated process than picking up a tube of paint and a brush.

©Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

I am ever so excited to say that I have registered for a two-day encaustic workshop with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch.  She’s written a book on the subject, made DVDs, been featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors numerous times and I have wanted to attend her “Encausticamp” in Salem, OR, but the timing just doesn’t work for my biz.

©Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

So you can imagine how excited I was to find that she is teaching a workshop so close to home ~ only an hour away in Mt. Dora, FL. ~ in January 28-29 2012.

©Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Don’t you want to come play in the wax too??

The cost is $240 for the two-days, but if you register before December 15, it is only $190.

For questions about the workshop (there are others being offered as well), please visit http://www.foxieartist.com/encaustic_workshop.shtml or contact Heather Earnest at heather@foxieartist.com or call 407-310-7692.

5 Responses to “Encaustic Workshop in Mt. Dora, FL”

  1. Monica Lee Says:

    Cool BJ! I love to see these close up!

  2. Jane Maday Says:

    Hi Beej,
    I would love to take an encaustic workshop! The process looks really interesting. Not going to make this one though, so I will have to live vicariously through you. Hope all is well with you, we haven’t talked in a while. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Virginia Says:

    I’d love to come play in the wax. encaustic is one of my favorite mediums. Marilyn Wilson is an encaustic artist here in Birmingham and I have wanted to take her classes!

    The photographs are marvelous. I especially love the dripping wax in the top photo.
    Happy New Year!

  4. patricia Says:

    Hope you all come! It’s going to be an amazing workshop; it just happens when we play in beeswax :) xxoo

  5. Marty Says:

    I’m so bummed that I never heard about this and i freaking live 4 miles away from Mount Dora I started exploring encaustic as a medium last fall. I have been watching youtube videos trying to get some ideas on how to do the encaustic and make it not look like a gloppy waxy mess. I finally got one of Patricia’s books on ebay this past month and I just ordered another one which I should get next week plus Daniella Woolf’s new encaustic book that I found out about thanks to a magazine I recently subscribed to called Cloth Paper Scissors.
    I knew in theory what encaustic painting was about since I am an artist and work in other mediums but the mixed media applications are really throwing me as I have always been a “purist.” that is I considered layering items in a painting to be more craft oriented for the nonartist. So I’m trying to get a more open-minded outlook on this type of painting that layers the medium (wax) with string or shellac burning or buttons or what have you.
    any help you all want to offer will be muchly appreciated. Until two weeks ago I was searching the internet looking for the clear sealant that makes a wax painting smooth and glasslike so collaged things show through. pretty dumb eh?