BJ Lantz / Monica Lee Interview

Good morning everybody!  The weather here in Florida is just gorgeous this February morning.  Before I grab my sketchbook and head for the back porch to brainstorm ideas for a new client, I wanted to share this interview with you that I did for Monica Lee’s “Smart Creative Women” blog.

Monica is a dynamic gal and she’s just getting started with this blog, but I am already looking forward to some of the great interviews I know she has lined up!  I won’t ruin the surprises she has in store for you, but she will dish with women from all corners of the creative world.  I was happy to be asked to participate!

Check it out:

6 Responses to “BJ Lantz / Monica Lee Interview”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Really enjoyed the interview and thanks for the shout-out for my brilliant husband! You told it like it is and that is SO refreshing! Hope we can spend a little time together one of these days…

  2. Mary Beth Shaw Says:

    Congrats! Nice interview; I truly appreciate your candor about the licensing biz.

  3. claudine hellmuth Says:

    really enjoyed your interview!

  4. juliette crane Says:

    very inspiring interview…thank you!

  5. Cindy Lindgren Says:

    I just watched your interview and found it helpful as I transition from freelance illustrator into licensing. Many of your points rang true to me and many will help me down the road as I represent myself. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

  6. Devin Says:

    Cool that you got interviewed~